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Is death something to be feared or celebrated?

Join us for a very special Sketchpad group art show, "The Good Death." This is in collaboration with "Reimagine End of Life," A citywide exploration of death and celebration of life, through creativity and conversation.

This show is an open discussion about death and how artists can bring this taboo subject to light through visual storytelling. We've asked over 25 award-winning artists to tell the story about their own personal/cultural relationship with death.

Also joining us is Morgan Brown, creator of "Conversations I Wish I Had", a traveling pop up phone booth for people to speak to someone in their life who has died. It opened at a gallery in the arts district of LA, and recently debuted at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, CA.

"The Good Death" opens April 19th-22nd from 12-6pm, and we invite you to join us to reflect upon death and perhaps gaze upon our own mortality.

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THURSDAY: https://www.letsreimagine.org/san-francisco/schedule/all?event=20749
FRIDAY: http://www.letsreimagine.org/san-francisco/schedule/all?event=20750
SATURDAY: http://www.letsreimagine.org/san-francisco/schedule/all?event=20751
SUNDAY(FINAL SHOWING): http://www.letsreimagine.org/san-francisco/schedule/all?event=20752

Artists featured:
Abby Rocha
Adam Mccauley
Ana Valdez
Chris Koehler
Cindy Shih
Conrad Seto
Dean Stuart
Duke Duel
Duke Duel
Galine Tumasyan
Giulietta Wertz-Best
Jamie Borja
Jerri Lee
Jiajia Chen
Kimberly Cho
Kitikhun Pan Vongsayan
Laura Tharp
Luke Harrington
Maggie Lei
Michelle McNeil
Michelle Namro Yoon
Niccolo Balce
Robert Hunt
Steven Russell Black
Tiffany Turrill
Wilma Lai
And more!